What we need

We need volunteers for our overnight teams as well as for our daytime support team.


Overnight Teams:


Our overnight teams are on shift from 8pm through until 7am, but there is an opportunity for those who want to ‘grab some sleep’ to do so.


The capacity of the Shelter is 20-bed spaces and each overnight team is led by a supervisor and a deputy with usually a total of 5 people making up the team to include at least one female.



Daytime Teams:

We are looking for people prepared to become daytime ‘mentors’ to those staying in the Shelter. The main responsibility is to help and encourage our guests on weekday mornings as they journey their individual pathway out of rough sleeping – what we call the ‘Pathway of Hope.’


In many senses, it is a case of ‘hand-holding’ and caring more than anything else – being someone they can trust. To stay in the Shelter, the guests will have to be engaged with one or more of our primary partners in the city. These agencies will be working to help them overcome many of the challenges they face and our ‘Pathway Mentors’ will be key in complementing this process.


Part of the role will be to use a new online information system which will not only help support each individual on their journey, but it will also be the way in which guests are registered into the Shelter by the mentors. Volunteers who want to become Pathway Mentors will receive training and will need to be available for at least one weekday morning. 


If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please get in touch HERE and let us know how you would like to be involved and we will send you an application form. 


Upcoming Events


Sleep Out 


Meeting at the Tabernacle Baptist Church on Broad Street, Wolverhampton, the sleepout will kick off at 19.00.


Please join us for a fun evening to raise funds to tackle homelessness across our city.

The Big Sleep In / Out is a joint event between Hope into Action Black Country and the Wolverhampton Church Shelter to raise funds and awareness around rough sleeping and homelessness in the City of Wolverhampton.


Our starting point is the same venue in which the Church Shelter will be re-launched from 1st November 2017.


We will have an evening of refreshments, entertainment and information on rough sleeping / homelessness and what is being done to tackle these issues with the Wolves Community Trust and the Wolves mascot making an appearance.


This will then be followed by a night of sleeping on cardboard boxes either in a marquis on the car park if you are feeling hardcore, in the church hall or on one of the camp beds in a manner similar to those who use the shelter service. 

Registration is via Eventbrite and we ask all participants to sign up and commit to raising £100 in sponsorship each. All funds raised will be divided equally between Hope into Action Black Country and the shelter.

Sign up now!